I work in a Hospital Emergency Department ask me anything!

Hello! Don't know if you're still answering questions but thought I'd leave this here. I sincerely appreciate all medical workers from the bottom of my heart, they're angels.

My main question is, if someone has MRSA, do they need approval to fly to get medical emergency treatment in a better country?

For example, I ask this because of my late grandmother, and it's been hard to wrap my head around it. My grandmother was from Fiji, the medical is terrible there, but she had visas for Australia and U.S. My family literally got her those visas incase of an emergency like this.

Apparently, my grandmother who had diabetes, with uncontrolled sugar got burned on her stomach unknowingly while cooking. I guess a week or less after that, she started to lose ability to do anything, she just stayed in her bed and even urined on herself. Family there took her to the doctor til days later, which I don't understand why they didn't do it immediately, they also didn't tell us for a week. Anyways, they sent her back orginally because she seemed better.

My grandmothers middle daughter came from Australia to check out what's going on. She discovered a big open wound on her stomach, rushed her to the hospital, and doctors confirmed it was MRSA. They cleaned it and took a lot of skin out repeatedly.

Now, during her treatment, they kept saying back and forth that her MRSA is going away but then coming back. I was looking into it and thought it was odd how it could be going away at all if it's just coming back.

Also, to give you a taste of how bad medical is there, the nurses there had no bedside manners. Apparently, they were mocking my grandmother for needing a diaper and wouldn't change it. The way they treated her almost made her swallow random pills in that hosptial to commit suicide but her daughter caught her then made her stop. My grandmother's daughters also came to do diaper changes and to treat her with great hospitality that she wasn't getting from those nurses

Anyways, my grandmother had so much skin removed that it looked like a shark took a huge chuck out of her stomach. Somehow, they said she will be discharged in a few days after fighting for three months in the hospital. Then she suddenly goes into coma, she had death rattle, and had to be feed by feeding tube. She suddenly passed away when all her children came together to see her.

The doctor always changes over there, sometimes they have doctors that come from overseas, and this doctor told my family she always had MRSA. While everyone else there was telling them it was going away off and on.. If they told us that in the beginning, we could taken her home to let her peacefully pass there, she kept wanting to go home. She even told us a day before that she was going to die and everyone should come now then she goes into damn coma and passes away.

This just really infuriates me because she suffered badly in those three months and the medical there is damn terrible. Do you think if she was treated in the U.S. or Australia that she would have made it? I guess I just really need reassurance because this is so difficult. Is this common with MRSA patients?

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