Working for Walmart Is Even Worse Than You Think

Is this article a joke?

The reason this woman is getting minimum hours and ect. is because she sounds like a pain in the ass to deal with. Instead of skipping work to strike and then complaining at management for her hours, howbout she Open Door Policy her concerns to Home Office because, aside from pay, all her concerns can be solved. Or she can quit and look for more pay. The reason she got from $9 to $11 in 5 years is because she is still holding her original title, and didnt move up.

"no bonus for working black friday, but they give us 25% off with no money";

  • double PTO that day, just use it as bonus for the day.

  • our quarterly bonus is Tomorrow. (myshare) so that easily extra money for the holidays.

  • Everyone also had dinner for free that day

  • That 25% off is off of your whole transaction at walmart.

many ppl spend $2-500 (which is mostly coming from myshare) with the coupon because they spend it on household necessities for THE WHOLE YEAR.

"59 cent soup every day is all she can afford"

  • if thats true, only way walmart can help her is if she wants to move up. she agreed to her pay and she agrees everyday to work there by clocking in instead of quitting.

"workers too scared to report injury"

  • you have 100% right to report it, and if management is giving excuses then open door policy it to home office.

"skipping lunches"

  • thats a joke, walmart enforces lunches. open door policy to home office would fixed that problem 110% if its true.

"they had me greet people and push carts"

  • no u didnt. You were a greeter and sometimes you handed individual carts to people.
  • Cart Pushers are a different job title, and they aint gonna make a person that gets injured easily do it.

"one of my peers lives in a car"

  • I talked to an associate about why he smells bad most of the days he works. Its an awkward private "couragous conversation" and i had to choose my words carefully not to offend him, but what i learned is that he was homeless living in his car. What walmart did for him after we talked to managemrnt was provide assisted housing and gave him all the resources for food and living. That action would help him.

In the end, it sounds like this interview is about that chaty kathy that complains all the time, getting on managements irritated side, which makes her schedule a random shit show because management in turn makes the schedule for her.

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