[WP] You die, only to actually wake up in a laboratory, where you realize your entire life was a side effect hallucination for a drug you agreed to take for clinical trials. Your real life's memories slowly begin coming back to you. The doctors tell you you were only "out" for 30 minutes.

Snap. The last brief sound that I heard before tumbling down the side of the mountain, falling to what I thought would be my death. I come to my senses with a searing headache as well as a mindful of confusion. Thinking back, everything seemed faint and unrealistic for the past years. It was there but seemed far off in the distance. "Mr. Robertson, are you okay?" There was a blinding light that shined directly into my eyes. I look around and see numerous people, doctors and nurses. Some in business suits, others in military dress.
I find the man that had asked me the first real question I have had in a lifetime. It sounded crisp and clean compared to my family, friends and colleagues of my lifetime. Everything seemed sharp and defined. Nothing had blurry lines like they did at the top of the mountain, I could here whispers that were actual people talking.
"I... um yeah I think so..." I keep looking around and more of my surroundings seem more familiar. I see a nurse that is taking notes and she gives me a big grin. A military general giving me a solid head nod of approval. "Just take it easy. Do you remember what has happened?" I couldn't find words to describe the confusion I was feeling. I find the energy and confidence to say "No." It was a hollow answer and I could see some disapproved faces in the group as well as increased whispering.
"If you feel well enough, you are free to go into the next room for some post experiment questioning..." Experiment? What had just happened? I feel the need to find out what had just happened so I nod and begin to sit up. A nurse takes out an IV I hadn't even noticed in my arm. How long have I been under? What Experiment? I get up and start walking towards the door and I feel a lump on the outside of my leg. Car keys. I pull them out and I do not recall seeing the numerous worn out keys with a bulky Volkswagon key. I never owned a sporty car in my lifetime but I do recall the feeling of the worn key between my thumb and index finger. There was a certain rush to my chest when I smelled a fruity yet conservative aroma in the air. I took another deep inhale through my nostrils and a rush of emotion came back to my head. "Holy shit..." My heart rate increased. I walk with a certain pep in my step into the next room. An old man I see asked "Done already? Impressive!" I give him a light chuckle as he pulls me towards him for a quick embrace and a slap on the back. And then I see the only person I truly have recognized since 'waking up'. The pain in my head disappears, my eyes swell with tears. My face gets warm and I feel something I recall feeling centuries ago. A coming to of memories and all types of emotions. The love of my life, rubbing her pomegranate lotion on her hands. The smell that made me fall for that beauty years before. It all comes rushing back. A solemn yet excited vat of emotion and memory reigns over me. An entire new life, a se Back to reality I have come. Snap.

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