[WP] The Full retelling of events that led to "Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg, the Batmobile lost it's wheel and the Joker got away."

Green leggings and black leather pants were entwined on the mangy carpet of a sleazy motel room. Robin glanced at the obviously fake mistletoe dangling from the bed's headboard. As he lay there, he folded his hands on his bare stomach and tightly pursed his lips together. They opened with a gasp as Batgirl penetrated his rectum with her finger. His body tensed up at first, shocked by the girth of her digit. He quickly relaxed as the warming sensation of the KY Jelly took over.

She twisted her finger around inside of him for a bit, then walked over to the mini fridge. Robin tilted his head up to take a look at her. He never missed an opportunity to peek at that ass, which was glorious and perfectly silhouetted by the snowy light shining in through the window.

Batgirl turned around and smiled as she caught Robin staring. Without changing her expression, she presented the egg with her right hand and waved her left hand over it as if it were a prize on The Price is Right.

“Tell me when,” she instructed Robin.

“No, surprise me.”

“Suit yourself.”

Batgirl shrugged, then kneeled front of the bed. Robin let out a sigh as she grabbed each of his ankles and spread his legs far apart. He tried his best to keep his body loose and his breathing relaxed as he felt the egg press up against his anal aperture. When she applied gentle pressure, it wouldn't budge, but when she applied too much pressure, the shell felt like it might crack.

Once Batgirl stumbled upon the right amount of force necessary to shove an egg into an asshole, the entire thing slid into Robin. They had finally done it.

Batgirl stood up. Robin tilted his head up once more to enjoy her sculpted, athletic physique. She began to walk over to his side.

Her movements were interrupted by a sudden pop sound. In what felt like slow motion, she turned, then saw the egg make a perfect arc from Robin's ass all the way to the motel room's window. Throughout the whole ordeal, Robin remained silent, staring at the glass that was now broken. As Batgirl turned her head to assess the damage, she saw why.

Batman was staring at them through the window of the motel room. His agape mouth fogged up what was left of the glass, and his cowl covered what was undoubtedly a cacophony of facial muscles fighting each other to express the greatest amount of shock and displeasure. Not even Bane could break the eye contact between Batman and Robin.

Suddenly, a familiar cackle broke the deafening silence. A handcuffed Joker sidled up to Batman.

“You've got a little something there, Bats.”

Batman closed his mouth as a slurry of egg yolk, KY Jelly and fecal matter slid down his face and over his lips. The Joker looked at Batman, looked at Batgirl, looked at Robin, then looked at Batgirl again before turning around and casually strolling off into the snowy Gotham street. He whistled “Jingle Bells” as Batman and Robin continued to stare at each other.

Without wiping Robin's ass egg from his face, Batman sighed and finally left the window. He walked back out to the front of the sleazy no-tell motel to where he had parked the Batmobile. When he arrived, he was greeted by four cinder blocks in place of what used to be wheels.


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