[WP] Governments all over the world cease every space program. Ten years later, a rebellious group is about to launch into space and they finds out why space programs ceased.

We should have known.

When all space programs had suddenly and without warning shut down. When the higher-ups whispered and ushered the most foulest of things. When the twinkling sky itself seemed to dwindle and warp in on itself.

We should have known.

But Humanity can not be defined by one singular trait. We are one and we are many — our greatest strength and at times our greatest weakness.

It was from the innate desire for knowledge that our ultimate undoing sprung forth.

The military clamped down hard on every inch of society—the entire world entered lock down in an attempt to keep the stars from reach. No reasons why, no explanations, only weapons.

Weapons that were turned on brother like so many times before us.

And yet, despite all the chaos that followed the declaration that all spacecraft was illegal — nicknamed the 'Day of Starfall' by those who dream — there were still those who hoped, dreamed, and saw a bright future for mankind.

We couldn't resign ourselves to this world. Humanity would grow, prosper, and reach out to every inch of the galaxy. That was our namesake as humanity. It was what we were born for.

So like any other young unaware child who dreamed of the oceans beyond, we broke the rules. They came down upon us, locked us in chains, and left us in the darkest of pits to die.

No words, no answers, only guns.

But for all the people they captured and left in the void, more rose up and demanded answers. The common folk — the core of our existence — screamed in outrage.

And they too felt the iron hand of spite.

But they did not fall. They grew stronger, and before long, countries across the world were swept into a glorious revolution.


I remember the feeling clearly. The door slowly opened, the dam broke, and light poured through and washed the room in warmth. From corner to corner, leaving no room for darkness.

"It's alright." I felt a hand gently guide me upwards. I followed for a moment, then felt my knees give in beneath me, my descent back into the void—

"It's fine." I didn't fall. Something, or someone, caught me, hoisted me up and guided me through the door.

They gave me whatever I wanted. A nice warm cup of coffee. Morning Joe never felt more fabulous.

But they asked one thing in return for this freedom — a price to pay, as it where.

To scour the stars, they said. To see what awaited in the great yonder. To illuminate the lies and see just what truly lurked above our world.

That same childish spark that had burned brightly in my mind since my early days grew alive. I felt alive. My body seemed as if it could run a marathon again and again — and my mind raced with opportunity!

So I took to it. I was assigned a group, some survivors, others who barely knew how to speak English. It took us time and a lot of effort, and while I'm not proud of it, I can't scoff at it either.

A space shuttle.

My childhood dream.

I smiled. For the first time in years, I truly smiled. I felt it reach my eyes, and I drew the closest man in for a hug. We all did. We shared in the feeling of success, of freedom, and knew we would illuminate the future of mankind.

And so we did.

I was there the day it was launched. I was there in the control room, barking orders like a madman. It was my baby after all. Born my sweat, tears, and dreams.

I watched it, scrutinized it, and ultimately launched it into space. I watched with wondering eyes to see what new future would unveil to us.

"Sarah." A heavy voice said — a Russian by the accent. "What's that?"

I heard shuffling through the intercom. I blinked, looking towards the monitor feed. It was just the same old abyss staring back down at us, laughing at us, tormenting us.

"I don't see anything." She responded. More shuffling, and the sound of belts unstrapping. "Floating... feels weird."

"What do you see—"

"Oh my god!"

"What is it Sarah?"

"It's... oh my go—"


I scowled. I looked to the monitor. A grey feed met my eyes. You have failed, it told me.

I punched the table surface and swore beneath my breath. And then it happened.

"Sir!" A young vibrant woman said. I looked up and she paused, tilting her head in confusion for a moment. "There's... there's something there."

"What is it?" I scowled, walking over towards her, a move made much more difficult by the entire room scrambling for answers as to the space shuttle's fate. "What—"

"It's... it's coming towards Earth!" She gasped. Her face paled considerably, her hands moving to cover her mouth as tears welled in her eyes. I stopped over her shoulder and peered down at the monitor.

And my heart fell.

We should have known.

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