[WP] You find a mysterious website where you can anonymously request an item once a day and it's delivered to you the next day.

I think I've caused some seriously bad shit to happen, and I have no idea how to fix it.

I didn't make the connection for awhile, but eventually things started clicking. At first I thought it was a joke. Here was this crappy website looking like it came straight from out of one of those blow off high school tech classes, promising me whatever I could possibly want. All I had to do was ask. A blank text field sat staring me in the face, the cursor blinking as I scoffed at the idea. A fucking tuna sandwich, I typed out, thinking back on yet another incident of my room mate stealing my lunch after a hard night of partying.

I went to work afterwords, some boring data entry job worth just enough to get by, and when I get home what do I see? A god damn tuna sandwich sitting all fancy on a plate in my kitchen. And let me tell you, it was the tastiest tuna sandwich I've ever had. That wasn't even the best part. My room mate comes in complaining about how some asshole stole everyone's food from his company's break room, and all I could do was smirk at the sweet justice.

A couple days later I sat boredly surfing on my pc when I find myself stumbling back to that shitty website. Still skeptical and slightly drunk, being the smartass that I am, I told it I wanted a million bucks. The woke up the next day to find a briefcase on the floor by my bed, and it had more cash in it than I've ever seen. Someone had to be fucking with me, I thought. This has to be fake. I left it all there, not sure what to do with it.

I'm not really one to keep up on the daily news, but it was all people at work talked about later that day. Every channel was frantic about the story of the country's banks abruptly failing. I had a million dollars in cold cash and a way to get even more. I was fine. Hell, I ended up quitting on the spot.

I asked for a beautiful woman who was madly in love with me, and she literally came to my door the next day. My friend Brian always said I'd never find anyone as sexy as the girls he routinely nabbed, so I had to call and taunt him a bit. Turns out Brian's latest girl was found dead that morning, apparently from some overdose or something.

I was dense, and I still didn't connect the dots. It wasn't long before I asked for eternal life.

When I woke up this morning I can't say I felt any different, but I'm seriously shitting my pants right now. I can't find anyone. My roommate, my friend Brian, the beautiful girl I had just started dating. None of them were answering my calls. There's no one driving outside. I left and tried stopping at a store for some food. Everything was locked up, as if no one bothered to get out of bed. I even went into a Walmart, figuring they're always open. That's where I'm at now. You know how creepy a completely empty Walmart is in the middle of the day?

I think I fucked up bad, and I need to get that website to bring everyone back. I just have to ask. I mean, things can't get any worse, can they?

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