[WP] You know, one day we won't ruin everything.

Beeeeeep Finally, the bell. “Okay you brainiacs, if you have not completed your lab I will stick around for 10 more minutes and if you are not done by then, then you’ll have to turn in what you’ve got.” It was my last class of the day, AP physics, and boy was I glad it was finished. It was my third AP physics class of the day and each of them were identical. Each class had questions on the same problems from last night’s homework and the same number of kids were unable to finish their labs. After 10 minutes of supervising the few students who were unable to finish their lab I packed up things, turned off the classroom lights, locked the door and headed to room B212, Ms. Diaz’s room. Ms. Diaz also teaches physics and is about to be Mrs. Cooper in three days. I caught her just as she walked out of her room, “Hey hun, how were your classes today?” I say as I approach her. “Pretty boring actually, the kids hate fluid dynamics so it felt like I was talking to a brick wall all day.” I smirk, “At least this is the last week for fluid dynamics.” “Right, maybe next week will be a little better.” I kissed her goodbye and we went out separate ways, her to the gym and me to our basement. Having just moved into our house everything is still scantily furnished. No coffee tables, no nightstands, no dinning room table or chairs, the only real furniture we have is a couch and our bed. The only place in the house that is finish is the basement, which I have claimed as my laboratory. Ever since I graduated I’ve had this fascination with space and gravity. More specifically I’ve been obsessed with antigravity and its potential uses. So every night when I finish grading homework or tests I make my way to the basement and continue my research and experiments. Recently I’ve come up with a theory that could save the world. Since the ozone layer has been destroyed, scientists have given us 5 years to live, and it would have been much less if it wasn’t for the artificial layer they created, so I have come up with the theory that antigravity spacecraft propulsion A.K.A space travel, is the only solution. The force of antigravity will allow spacecraft to travel to planets that are just waiting for humans to inhabit. Planets that scientists have proved can support human life. I have made this idea public and it has intrigued a few important people. In fact, it interested them so much that they have provided me with state of the art equipment and a generous budget. Although all of this attention is nice and interested some important people, it interested some bad people as well. These people are the scum of the science world. They are the gutless individuals who steal ideas and get away with it. In fact, they’ve tried to steal my idea for antigravity in the past. I would come home from school to see my apartment trashed and turned inside out. Luckily I kept my work hidden and no secrets were lost. These bad people have names and they are Chester Schultz, Shawn Hill, and Jordan Keller and ever since I moved into my new house they have yet to try and steal my ideas. But for precautionary reasons I keep all of my findings hidden in my basement. I conducted a few experiments that all failed and then the smell of dinner drove me away from the lab and upstairs to see my fiancé. After gobbling down two plates of food and spending some quality time with my future wife I kissed her goodnight and headed back down to the lab. I ran test after test after test and each of them failed. At 1 AM I ran one last experiment but fell asleep before I could see the results. When I awoke I almost exploded with joy. A cheek-to-cheek smile appeared on my face as I looked at my experiment. “It worked! It worked!” I was staring at the first successful creation of antigravity. I raced upstairs to give Lillian the good news. “Lil! Come here, it worked!” I was so excited I ran and carried her downstairs to show her. “Do you realize what you’ve done!” she screams. “I know! This could be what saves the world!” I scream back.
After our celebration in the basement I immediately called the Deep Space Exploration Organization (DSEO) and gave them the news. They were just as excited as I was and they immediately sent someone to collect my data and recreate the experiment. Since I live in L.A and DSEO is based in Helsinki they would not be here until tomorrow, which happens to be the day of my wedding. I talked to Lil and tried to convince her to move the wedding back a day, but that was a battle I lost before it even started. “Michael, it’s one day. One. Day. One day is not going to ruin everything.” “Yeah you’re right, I’ll just call DSEO and tell them come the day after the wedding”. We decided our honeymoon would be during summer vacation so we wouldn’t have to miss any school days since we are the only physics teachers, plus summer vacation was only 3 weeks away. So I called the DSEO and explained the situation and they even thought I was crazy trying to postpone my wedding.

The wedding was amazing. It was perfect. It was everything my wife wanted and that day even better than the day before when I made my discovery. The day after the wedding though, was the worst day in human history. Some how Chester, Shawn and Jordan found my house, found all of my data and stole the antigravity material that I created. They then ran the experiment themselves, multiple times, and presented the finding to DSEO’s rivals, ILP, Interstellar Living Project. That wasn’t the problem though; the problem was that they ran the experiment more than once in 24 hours. This caused the material to overreact and explode with a force so unimaginable, so powerful that it knocked Earth out of orbit, sending it spinning into the depths of space. Traveling through space without a sun caused Earth freeze over, leaving behind no humans. No animals. No plants. No life.

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