[WP] "Sometimes I miss you, you know." - She said.

We are having lunch, my wife is looking at me, waiting for a response. "Well?" she asks.

"I know ive been working alot, but we need the money." I replied.

shes right of course, she always is.

"Sometimes i miss you, you know" she said.

I reach over and squeeze her hand.

we've had the same conversation so many times before it was almost ritualistic.

We finish lunch, pay the bill and head outside.

Suddenly the night air fills with the sound of tyres sliding, and is followed by the crash that kills my wife.

I woke up sweating, as i have for the last 6 months.

Its always the same dream. Always.

I rolled out of bed, the clink of beer bottles as i step off the bed reminds me of how much ive let this house slide.

she always kept it so clean.

I stumble, half asleep still to the toilet.

My eyes catch the clock, her clock... "Four thirty.. Shit." i mumble to myself.

I had promised my friend Dan i would speak to someone, i only had ten minutes until he would arrive to pick me up.

He didnt trust me to be sober enough to drive myself. Good call.

I carelessly get myself dressed, throwing on anything i could find when the doorbell rang.

"Its open!" i shouted somewhat more aggresively than i meant.

"God dammit Jack, you just up?!" Dan said.

I ignored the reprimand and headed to his car, I never had time for small talk anymore.

Dan climbed into the drivers seat and we headed off.

About thirty minutes later we arrived at a quiet street.

There was a little Italian deli, and antiques store and a small liquor store.

"You buying the beers Dan?" i asked. I made it sound like a joke but i needed a drink.

"I think you've had your fill" He replied quickly. "Were going in there," He said pointing at the antiques store.

"And why are we going in there?" i sighed.

"there is a spiritua--"

"I told you before Dan, enough of this shit!"

"I believe in this 'Shit', and i know you dont but Goddammit Jack, you're my friend and im done with all this self destructive bullshit!"

Dan yelling was a very rare occurance.

"Okay, okay" i conceded. "Ten minutes."

We walked into the store, i was immediately hit by the strong scent of incense, the door jingled as it opened.

"Take a seat." a voice called from behind a beaded curtain.

we sat at a little table and a few moments later the owner of the voice joined us.

"Hi, my name is dan, my friend here--"

"Shh. Dont speak. I am Bella." She said with her eyes closed.

"The one your friend seeks is already here." she continued.

A chill ran down my spine, this couldnt be real. I mean, how could it?.

Dan immediately took the bait.

"Is she really here?"

"Yes, and she has a message for Jack"

I was frozen, how did she know my name?

"W-whats the message." i shakily replied.

"Sometimes is miss you, you know".

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