[WP] In a surprise unanimous decision the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the defense, cementing the "I licked it, it's mine" precedent into law. The Great Lickening has begun.

nine heavily armed guards escorted president Obama to the front door.

Mr. President, the situation has gone bonkers. The Lickers are everywhere. They have taken Washington by lick. We must evacuate you to the lick-free regions where the law has not been passed. We have cleared a landing site nearby. Time is of the essence." the captain of the guards said.

The guards were armored with several layers of suits. If one of them got lickified, only their outer gear was confiscated. But a lick on the non-heavily coated limbs meant legal destruction. Every single one of the nine soldiers knew the risks they took. As loyal as they probably were, locks muffled their mouths. They communicated by radio.

The captain, together with two anti-lick soldiers, would take the lead. Two guards on each flank would protect the president against ranged lickers. The two rearguards completed the defensive formation.

The captain counted to three. "Three ... Two ... One ... Go!"

He kicked the door open and the men fired. The masses who had gathered before the White house were cut down. A man leaped, and got blown apart in mid-air.

"GO GO GO!!!"

They stormed outside, firing on all sides. The lickers at the front fell, but were only replaced by more. Suddenly, a licker fell out of the air and tackled one of the rear guards to the ground. The licker was instantly shot, but it was too late.

"AHHH!!! I have been licked !!!" He screamed as he dropped legally dispossessed to the ground.

"Those buggers are on the roof!" the captain roared. "We need air support!"

Merely a few seconds later, two jet fighters soared through the air and dropped their bombs. Limbs flew everywhere.

"Don't tarry, go!"

They reached the streets, where more creatures swarmed in. They cut down the park in front of them, where a helicopter was hovering above the air. It was out of reach for spit AA. Behind them, the lickers regrouped and approached. The circle of guards was being pressed on all sides. One after one, they fell.

Only the president and two other guards, including the captain, remained. "Why has the law ever been passed?" the captain said, desperate.

"I DONT KNOW! The lickers must have been in the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike. Bribing their way up." Obama said. "All doom prophets predicted a police/surveillance state, but this is much worse!"

Suddenly, several abrams M1A2 non-lickable tanks charged through the streets and sent the lickers running.

"GO NOW! The tanks are only temporarily legally unlickable!" The captain yelled. We will fend them off!"

The president nodded and ran. He was hauled on the helicopter and it took off. As they flew higher, the lickers got hold of the tanks. The last guards got licked. Eventually, they disappeared out of sight.

But their sacrifice wasn't for nothing, Obama thought. One day, the lickers would be defeated - legally, in court.

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