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They said I should pass the time by writing letters to people, so that's what I'm going to do. I don't know who you are because it's some sort of random pen-pal service; but you're about to get a surprise. No whining about getting pulled down by drugs, no sob story about a robbery gone bad, no killing a witness who saw too much, no greed or complaints or excuses. Hell, I won't even try to tell you I'm innocent - because I'm not. I'm guilty of everything they say and a whole lot more. I'll be guilty of a lot more once I'm out of here, too.

I have only one regret, and that's the copycats. Not my fault, I guess - but I'll still apologize for those idiots all of you have to deal with now. They have no class, no style, no idea what they're doing. I was an artist and they're just scribbling with crayons. When I'm out of here, I'll put those nitwits and psychopaths in line, mark my words. But I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I? This letter isn't meant to be the grandstanding monologue I'm used to delivering. You get the real me, and you get the thing no one else has ever gotten: the reasons why I did it.

But let me repeat myself: I am not sorry. In fact, I think you people owe me. You should thank me for that mall I gassed. When I took remote control of every commercial airliner in the country, I was doing you a favor. When I blew the noses off Mount Rushmore I was nudging the world toward what it needs most. I mean, let's face it - things were going to hell in a handbasket pretty quick. My stunts were small potatoes compared to the ecological disasters and starvation and soaring homicide rates all over the world. Every peacekeeping organization grew corrupt, and you remember how the police in some countries actually privatized and became for-profit businesses. There were good people left, sure, but no one knew where to begin. Someone needed to up the game; and that's what I did.

I started with bank heists. Theatrical as hell too - I'd blow a wall open, and I'd even find some local scum to wear masks and be my 'henchmen'. Before I built that suit; I used to just paint myself silver - true story. Once I had the money, I went global and fired off those ridiculous schemes. The satellite was what finally made everything click. I had just about given up when I pulled that one off; as it had been three years without anything but some governmental agencies taking clumsy swings at me. Then I launched that satellite and showed how I could use it to evaporate millions of gallons of water in a few minutes. I know you all miss Lake Michigan, but it was polluted beyond redemption anyway.

Granted, the kid wasn't what I expected. I was expecting some six-foot-ten square-jawed sap with perfect hair and shining teeth. I get this guy that can't possibly even be in college yet and looks like he may weigh a hundred and twenty pounds dripping wet. Still, he was what I'd been waiting for. I'm glad he changed the outfit, though - that first time he was just in this solid one-piece skin-tight bodysuit and it left nothing to the imagination. Nothing. Yeah. Anyway, I give this kid a good run-around and immediately I know he has a chance. He's so fast and must be an Olympic level gymnast with the way he twists and spins around to take out the guys I hired to help with the satellite launch. Then he gets to me and I know I could kill this kid with a punch, but I have to make it look good. I'm pretty sure I broke his nose, which I felt a little bad about, but then he beat me and even managed to deactivate the satellite while I, of course, escaped.

Well in the next year I was beating off his comrades with a stick. Literally at times. He got famous in a hurry and by the next time I was staging a bank heist, I had wannabe heroes all over me. Of course most didn't cut it - but a few did. And out of those few, a couple really had the spirit. They're the guys who cut the crime rates down sixty percent over just a year, the guys who figured out how to solve world hunger, the guys who took down those dictators here and there, who exposed corrupt politicians the world over. Maybe someday it'll be a problem that the heroes don't answer to anyone, but for now it's saving the world. All they needed was a little kick in the right direction.

All they needed was a villain. A supervillain. Me.

-Cordially yours, Mike L. Fergusson a.k.a. "Doctor Blight"

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