[WP] As a young child you made an innocent wish to be granted a power that in hindsight was just whimsical and silly. Now you have grown up but you still have the power - how do you use it now as an adult?

I was a poor child, rich in spirit yet poor in possessions. My tattered clothes barely enough to keep me warm in the winters. Because of this winters were always the most difficult. The bitter wind ransacking the drafty areas of our home, the only comfort being the hot soups we'd share as a family for dinner.

It was a particularly cold winter that year, so cold I couldn't go outside and play, but that's when I found it. A star. A fallen star. It had crashed through my window with laser like precision leaving only a small 2" hold melted through while landing safely on my pillow. It glowed brilliantly. I didn't quite understand what I was looking at but I had known that people make wishes on fallen stars. Something came over me and I blurted out, "I wish I had all the toys I wanted!"

With that the start seemed to melt away. I thought nothing of it until later that night when I lay my head upon my pillow. It was jagged and lumpy. A curiousity. I stuck my hand in the pillow case to find the source of the discomfort and pulled out a toy I had long wanted. I reached in again, and found another. I never told my parents, and I would always put the toys back in the pillow case when I was done.

Over the years I spent less time outside, and more indoors playing with my infinite toys. My life had sped through the years, responsibility came. School, work. For many years I forgot of the special pillow case and kept it stored away in a safe place.

Until one day, in my late 60s, as I hobbled down a city street pondering retirement, the brisk wind reminding me of the coming winter, I saw a child in tattered clothes. The child was dirty and looked cold so early in the season, I saw a similar distress in their eyes, the feelings of not having much and struggling to get by.

It was then I realized what my retirement would consist of. I pulled my magic pillowcase out of storage one more time. I donned my heaviest snow suit of red and white fur, and dedicated myself to using my magic pillow case to give toys and joy to all of the world's children, so they too may experience the magic I did as a child. I came to be known as Jolly Saint Nick.

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