You’ll provide printed assignments weekly. When they are completed new assignments are provided. Nobody ever gets a semester worth upfront. Even in graduate school projects are sequenced sometimes.

  1. I know this is a place to blow of steam but some of you sound sad as fuck. This kid could be 11 and lost their privileges because psychological problems we will never experience so ease up. We just don’t know.

  2. Nobody has a printer. Don’t be an asshole. I print things for families all the time. I color print and laminate pictures of dead pets for kids so they can have a real photo. We don’t pay for this shit and you go to the machine 8 times a day anyway.

I had a girl (10) take my chrome book when I was out. I left it for her to use with a sub there. She had to be supervised because she had already had an iPad taken away for recording nude videos. I questioned her, the principal did, she’s friendly and straight faced and “did not” take the laptop. Her aunt found it under her bed 3 months later. That kid has issues and she was a dishonest brat to me and a nasty little witch to some of the kids but I still printed her work. I think of telling her aunt “go print it yourself” and I want to weep for some of you grinch sized hearts.

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