WTFast affiliate influenced Reddit mods in decision to remove critical video

Hey I'm going to make a rather long post here, but I feel like WTFast is getting a really bad reputation right now on this subreddit and I feel like a lot of it has to do with people being misinformed as to what it does on how it works.

First of all I just wanted to say I'm not promoted, sponsored or associated with WTFast in any way but I have been a happy customer of them for several months now.

I don't believe what they did with buying Steam reviews was right at all, and I do agree with the majority opinion of the subreddit and with /u/Gnarsies that it was a shady choice and I definitely wouldn't condone that choice they made.

On the other hand I see a lot of people bashing on the product saying it is a SCAM and it DOESN'T WORK, to which I completely disagree with.

The reason a lot of people that try WTFast believe it doesn't work is because they don't even understand what it does. They see "oh it's supposed to lower my ping. I want lower ping so I'll use it." Networking is not that simple. I'm not a networking expert, but I'm going to try and give a probably not that good summarization why I use WTFast. If you don't care about learning about network infrastructure and why WTFast does what it does, skip to the horizontal rule lower in the post.

First of all I live on the west coast of Canada in Vancouver, BC. As some may know, the network infrastructure for getting around Canada and connecting to international game servers isn't exactly 1st grade here. I started using WTFast to play an MMO, Final Fantasy XIV, whose game servers are located in Montreal. Connecting across the crappy Canadian network infrastructure to the other side of the country was pretty shitty and it affected my reaction times in the game which was important to me as a healer.

Without WTFast when I try to connect to a game server, when my network packets go out my router they will essentially have to travel through a network of different gateways maintained by ISPs that are all linked in a really convoluted way such that it will make several hops through the different gateways knowing the general direction it must go to reach the game server. This is most likely not the optimal route it should take to reach the game server and as a result may take a while to reach there or it may take SO long that the server will assume the packets got lost and lose those inputs entirely.

WTFast has essentially made their own network of servers near major game servers so that it can act as a shortcut sort of tunnel to reduce the amount of hops your network packets have to take to reach the game server. So instead of jumping through tons of different default gateway hops you can travel along their own less convoluted network to reach your destination.

You have to realize our network infrastructure caters more to people who need LOTS of information all at once from a server, which is very suitable for streaming videos, loading websites, downloading games and basically everything except gaming. Gaming requires to have small amounts of information sent to a server as quickly as possible very frequently. Which our network infrastructure wasn't designed for. Ping is basically a non-factor when it comes to watching Youtube videos or other day to day activities, and the average consumer probably wouldn't notice if they had a massive ping spike for 1 or 2 seconds.

Now back to WTFast. WTFast probably gets mostly bad reviews partly due to the fact that people will use WTFast because they think it's a magic program that will make their strangled bandwidth suddenly become some sort of Korean 8 ping connection. Another reason why WTFast probably gets so many more bad than positive reviews is because if it works, I really have no reason make a review. I have a much higher incentive to make a review if it doesn't work for me because I need to tell someone that it doesn't work and that it should be fixed. People are simply misinformed as to how it works and confused as to why it doesn't work for them.

I never used to use WTFast for League because in the past I used to have a very stable 25 ping connection to the servers being on the west coast. I only decided to use it for League since I had already used it for another game and it worked very well. I've never had any glaring network issues with League until a few short months ago where I started getting large spikes in ping randomly (up to 600-1000) and rubber banding issues. Upon starting to use WTFast I noticed the problem was for the most part solved and the reason was that I used to be losing TONS of packets. I'm talking like close to 1000 lost packets over the course of an hour. Albeit with WTFast my ping does take a slight tax and sits at a stable 50-80 ping due to jumping into the WTFast network, but the stability of the connection was hands-down worth the 30-50 ping difference. WTFast simply was a more stable junction than the default ISPs of Canada provided.

A final point I'm going to make in the rather long post is. WTFast Entry-Level service is FREE. Nobody should be complaining about getting scammed when you could have tried the "trial" service at absolutely no financial inconvenience to you at all. I say trial in quotes because at the end of the 30 day trial you simply have to sign in through Facebook and you get your trial extended indefinitely. It doesn't post to your wall, make you like anything or share any links. It simply wants you to sign in for basic information gathering which seems like a pretty good deal considering they're letting you use their servers which they pay money for for no cost.

The difference between a paid WTFast subscription and a free one is that the paid one has a priority in network traffic and that it allows you to bridge connections which is an advanced feature that essentially optimizes your connection further. A free connection simply has lower priority compared to paid users and has like a 5 second advertisement that plays on a separate window that you never really look at anyways.

I agree that WTFast had some shady practices in the way they dealt with things with their Steam reviews and how they manage themselves, but their software and service they provide to you is not a scam. I might consider switching gaming VPN providers to Battleping or Pingzapper since I'm not happy with how WTFast conducted themselves in this situation, but I don't believe WTFast as a product should be burned at the stake and called a scam by misinformed masses.

TL;DR - WTFast does work. As a piece of software it's being shit on by misinformed people who are just looking at the person next to them. WTFast as a company I agree did crappy things with the way they managed this situation.

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