Yes, Ted Cruz is a hypocrite for going on Obamacare "he thinks its such an existential threat to the US and its health-care system that it was worth shutting down the gov't in an attempt to undermine the law. But suddenly the law and the health system it created is not scary enough for his family?"

"Trying to get money out of politics is how you entrench political parties"

Still not sure what you're trying to say. And I'm not totally sure you understand what I'm saying. So for no reason other than a self-destructive compulsion to continue to carry out this conversation further and maybe better explain myself...

Ted Cruz is raising money by deliberately being a troll. He has no real shot at being president and he knows that. But that's not his mission.

He's filling his superPAC coffers with millions of dollars of contributions from people who when he blows his Obamacare/socialist-hating/freedom-loving dog whistle, the donors come running.

And because campaign finance laws as they pertain to superPAC spending have become increasingly looser and looser, he can use that money for pretty much anything he wants. Much like a televangelist. He makes a great living and gets to pretend like he has an effect on people's lives. And if he can continue to hold his senate seat, the con can continue ad infinitum.

Nothing I said has to do with being bought by corporations. I'm actually talking about something much more fundamental. Low information voters being conned into donating money to a snake oil salesman. Is he getting money from the Koch bros and others? Maybe. But that's money poorly spent. They're evil people. But not dumb. They know that Cruz's chances of being president are slim. They'll give him enough money to hold his senate seat. But I highly doubt they have any real faith in him as winning the nomination, much less the presidency.

Anyway, I'm just explaining what I believe his long term motivations are. Much like Sarah Palin. He wants to be a brand. Not a president. Because there's more money in a brand. So long as people are dumb enough to contribute $5-$500 to his mindless presidential campaigns. I guarantee you, he will lose this election, and he will run a minimum of 2 more times. Bc each time, he stands to make a lot of money. If he were serious about being president, you would see that reflected in how he's choosing to spend his money. For example, he never bothered to buy And he deliberately came out of the gates first to announce his candidacy precisely because he knows that's when you can most easily raise money from the people. You'll get full, unencumbered media attention (like he got), and the undivided social media attention (like he got), and he probably raised a fuck ton of money in the process. Even though he simultaneously already killed his chances (with the Obamacare sign up thing). He doesn't care. He raised his money for the week. And he's a happy little pig in shit.

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