Your Ex is on Reddit, and you know will read this, what do you want to say to them?

I day dream about punching you in the ribs when I found your other bitch at your house after bailing on a date we had planned for over a week (and after I cleaned your disgusting apartment up to spend time with you in a clean place... you knew all along I was picking up your mess so you could impress your second girlfriend). I got you pretty good... I wish I could hit you again.

Fuck you for taking her out on a date with your family who called me their daughter and lying to me about where you were while you did it. Fuck you for putting them in that situation. They hated you for it and they were trapped. They watched me make a fool of myself trying to make things work with you and couldn't say a word. Fuck you for that, too.

I find it hilarious that that night I pulled all my lingerie that you had hid from her out of the closet (along with pictures and keepsakes) while she sat watching me half naked on the bed and six years later she is still with you. Five months in to a relationship with you this happened to her, and she knowingly continued driving 8 hours to and from school to see you. It stung a little when I found out, but I sat and thought to myself. And you know what? She is obviously as much of an idiot as you and you deserve eachother. Plus she looks like a rat.

You are intoxicating and toxic at the same time. You can not tell the truth to save your life and I knew you were telling lies but refused to listen to myself because I loved the idea of you too much to think poorly of you. I find it even funnier that you, unbeknownst to me, have repeatedly tried to ask me out while still with the girl you cheated on me with. I thought it ended for you and you had seen how badly you messed up. I still wasn't interested in rehashing a broken heart, but it was so nice to finally see you have some remorse for the way you destroyed me. Nope, just repeating the same patterns! I should have known, and it's really getting sad. Grow up.

You stole money from me, you pawned both of your cats off on my parents with the threat of taking them to a kill shelter, and you made me question my sanity.

Now, you have literally shipped yourself off to China because you couldn't find anything else of worth to do and you exhausted all efforts of taking advantage of people state side (I hope).

I, on the other hand, am on track to make six figures (with a bonus) in five years, and have found the most selfless, caring, honest, loving, talented, handsome, likable man I have ever met, and he can't wait to marry me. He supports my goals and celebrates my achievements and has had the patience to teach me how to be a better woman, and for that I owe him everything. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my days showing him how appreciative I am, and how much I love him. He has shown me what love truly is, and it is so much better than it ever was with you. You can't even begin to compare.

That could have been you. You dun' fucked up, buddy. Good riddance. Thanks for dumping me so I could find the love of my life and my ideal match. You were a drug... I am glad I'm clean.

I hope you die a slow, agonizing death, alone and miserable. After the way you have treated people for most of your life, a death like that will be merciful. Seriously, go fuck yourself.

Please, for the love of god, quit calling me and sending me emails. I am so sick of that pang of hurt in the pit of my stomach.

I hope you read this. I truly, sincerely hate you. Goodbye forever, you disgusting pig.

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