You're dead and supposedly God asks You for one good deed from your life for him to disregard your sins, what would You present to him as your most sincere kind moment?

I used to get stoned and then ride the train into a nearby city late at night and just wander walk until I was tired. I rarely stopped in anywhere, and I was never trying to interact with anyone, it was more about that 'being alone in a crowd' feeling.

I had only walked a block from the train when I saw this dude stumbling HARD down the cross street towards the same intersection as me. He fell into just about everything he passed, and it looked like he was not watching for cars at all. I started to walk a little faster when I saw him stumble and take several fast and faulty steps before falling off the curb into the street.
I ran across and stopped down beside him as I gripped under his armpit. He yanked and looked like he was gonna swing at me, and I just said, "bro you're in the street, c'mon." He got up and we sat on a stoop. He kept asking me what the fuck I wanted and I kept saying that he just looked like he needed a hand. He accepted a cigarette and my spare Gatorade with a few more, 'what do you want from me' comments and then we sat there for a bit.
When he spoke again it was quieter and he just asked my name. I told him and he just nodded. I asked him how his night was going and he rolled his eyes at me and laughed. Rough, apparently. Silent more.
I asked him if he we headed to anywhere. He said he hadn't been. Silent more. Then he said, 'I might go back to my friend's house though.' We finished another cigarette and he gave me another look like he had in the beginning when he kept asking what I wanted. I offered him another cigarette for the walk and said 'be safe dude'. He nodded, started to cross the street, then stopped and looked both ways before looking back at me and smiling.

I watched him round the corner and then went about my walk.

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