2015's Official 30 Day Challenge Mega-Thread

Day 10: 1. Winged a guy. It went pretty good. Girl named Sam was pretty into me as she was doing most of the talking.

  1. Winged again. Set went pretty long. She even ended up buying me a drink. General conversation and teased her that she was violent then found out that she was a doctor so teased her on that from other stuff I found out about her, couldn't make up her mind so "you've got either cancer or the flu it could be either one" or that she enjoys causing pain in her patients. I did get stuck on those teases so I need to work on that to make sure I don't beat a dead horse. She then asked if I had a girl friend said no asked if she had a boyfriend and said yes and then said sorry but I never know what to say it just feels too rude to say straight up but hey I did buy you a drink. I just laughed and said its all good and said hey all you need to say is I'm enjoying this but if you are looking for something particular tonight you should know that I have a boyfriend. Ended up talking to her for a few minutes more then parted ways. If she didn't have a boyfriend It would of been on.

  2. Tried to get a guy into conversation with SAM's friend. Didn't really work out for them but I continued talking to Sam. Things went pretty well. We ended out going outside and continued talking. I was teasing her for being a baby because she was 21 and she replied with "would you kiss a 21 year old baby" which I replied with "I'm not sure" and went in and started making out with her. After a bit I said "let's get out of here" and she said "my friends would kill me" and I found out her friends were staying with her. So we ended up going back to making out and she was into it so I was teasing her by pulling away and making her chase. She even asked me to give her a hickey on her neck so I would go in as if I was going to then at the last second pull back and say "na". I was doing stuff like this to the point that she was literally saying "you do this a lot don't you". So I tried to pull her again showing her that I had my car and that I lived close and she still didn't give in. So went back to talking and teasing. She even tested me with "am I just another notch on the belt" which I replied with "I'm just looking to have the most enjoyable experiences in my life that I can" which she went with and agreed. after a bit I got her to try and convince her friend but apparently her friend said no. Which I found weird because she was so amused by us earlier and she was talking about a guy she wanted to hook up with. So I really tried everything that I could think of. We ended up parting ways when her friend dragged her away

*Takeaway: *Noticed that my main issue at the moment is the beginning of the conversation. The rest does need improvement but it i feel that it needs a lot less work.

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