My MIL asked if I wanted a "game" that she found at her house...

Who in their right mind would actually pay for a sealed Game Boy?

First I should clarify that I don't actually know the value of a sealed Game Boy. I was going on the assumption that the numbers being thrown around were more or less accurate. I've seen rare/mint condition games and gaming paraphernalia selling for a lot more than a grand so I didn't question it. And the person I was responding to didn't challenge the accuracy of those numbers either so it's sort of irrelevant to our conversation(which is more about the logic of the established hypothetical situation).

And who? Collectors, obviously.

"Keeping it sealed and selling it is a better decision no matter your financial situation." What an idiotic statement to make. Again, you clearly live in what you believe to be an objective world, but which in reality is, of course, a subjective world. Please explain to me what a total in a bank account means.

Well first of all, no. The world is objective. Only our perception of it is subjective. That's the whole point of the word.

And to the rest of what you said I have two things to say.

1) Nobody is going to take your comment more seriously and think more highly of you for being a dick. Which you are being, by the way. And over something that isn't important at all.

The fact that you didn't even consider a financial transaction as having two participants is pretty disheartening.

Disheartening? Oh please, give me a fucking break. That's the most over-dramatic bullshit I've ever heard in my life. You're putting on airs and trying to sound sophisticated. Like you're deeply troubled because some stranger on the internet doesn't understand some economic concept. Haha, gtfo.

2) It's true that you could possibly be so rich(which, as you said, he probably isn't) that it really just isn't worth their time to sell the thing for only $1000. That's a value judgement. Do you care more about $1000 or the time/effort spent finding someone to buy it off of you? I'll concede that.

That said, I do still think a considerate person would.

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