I (22F) am a full service sex worker and I got accidentally pregnant with a client

Well, as to your last question, not really, because it’s so common. If he does it repeatedly and is unwilling to use a condom even after being asked to do so several times then yes but there’s only ever been a couple of cases where a customer was actually banned for this reason, always after multiple girls had this kind of experience with him. Also, many clients are tourists so potentially getting banned doesn’t really bother them.

As for the rest of your comment, yes it may have been a condom failure. And as a sex worker I am well aware of other contraceptives (and it doesn’t really say anywhere in my post that I don’t use them?) and yes, I’m well aware that having sex with that many men increases the probability of pregnancy, (sorry I almost had to laugh when I read you explaining that to me though I know your intentions probably weren’t bad…). The issue for many women with other methods are the side effects: for hormonal methods they are well known, a non-hormonal IUD can lead to pain when having multiple partners/hard sex (both common for sex workers), a diaphragm (=cervical cap) requires pretty time consuming preparation and after sex care which is unrealistic at the brothel, and of course sterilisation is permanent which is also not ideal.

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