I [23f] hate the engagement ring that my fiance [24m] designed for me, but I feel bad telling him because he put so much effort into it

We are not in his mind so neither of know ow what he is thinking. But I've seen guys decided to do diffrent than the gf not cause they thought they new better but beacuse they thought she deserved more or prettier or bigger or flashier because they feel the gf deserves it. I honestly dont think this was a I know better or I dont care or listen thing. I honestly think it was more innocent than that and that he does love and respect her if he didnti dont think he would have even put the time into designing a ring. But like I said we dont know what's in his mind only he does and honestly OP should try to find why he designed the ring the way he did before anything else, Which will be my last piece of advice as it is like 2am and ya girl needs to sleep asap.

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