I [27F] keep getting into the same situation. Good-on-paper guy, kind, etc. but doesn't want anything serious with me and/or will treat me like shit. How can I avoid these future guys?

Everyone is telling you you're entitled.

They aren't wrong, you're like A LOT of the women in the US.

I'm one of the guys you'd consider an asshole or a shitty dude, here's some insight that might help you.

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance for people reading as it will sound douchey.

I'm what women refer to as a 666.

Well educated, successful, tall, good looking, take care of body, wear nice clothes, drive an expensive car, you get the idea.

I go out with a lot of women, probably over 50% of which are from tinder and okcupid.

Most of these women do not have enough good qualities about them for me to want to commit to them.

So what do I do? I sure the fuck am not going to do what you're expecting from a guy

they put minimal effort into dates, like doing "at home" dates, or something like that, combined with not ever doing nice shit for me, like buying flowers, small gifts, or really checking in.

Why would I do any of those things?

Meanwhile, I have these girls who want to spend time with me, so they'll text me asking to see me etc.

The French Open final was on last Sunday.

I had a girl text me Saturday asking to see me. I told her she could come hang out and watch the match with me if she wanted.

To you, that's an "at-home" date.

To me, I'm just letting her come see me because she's asking to and that's when I can fit her in without inconveniencing myself.

So she comes over, brings me Panera, I watch my match, fuck her brains out, then slap her on the ass and tell her I'll see her later I've got shit to do.

Like I said, I'm not interested in committing to her since she doesn't have the qualities I want.

So to answer your question


Improve yourself to the point where a guy like me will recognize you as something special and want to keep you around....or lower your standards. Probably the latter.

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