Aiming to meditate every day of 2019. Anyone doing the same?

About a month ago I decided to start meditating everyday until my birthday (august 31st) so it's not exactly the same but quite similar. However, to not pressure myself too much, I chose to either do it 7/7 or at Least 3 times a week, so when you miss out a day you don't feel bad about it.

For it to not become too repetitive, I'd advise maybe trying a new meditation technique every month or two months, whatever suits you. I'm guessing it's already been told before but you have to keep in mind that if you're doing this it's to improve yourself, your mental state. Even though it's only been a month for me (after going on and off of it for more than a year), I'm already starting to feel the benefits of it. It's pretty spectacular.

Good luck!

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