AITA for getting grossed out when unclogging my wife's breast duct

NTA. I’ve been breastfeeding for over a year and neither me or my husband have built up the courage to try my breast milk. Your wife might feel a little sensitive about your strong reaction towards something she might find beautiful and nurturing, but you went above and beyond.

For future reference, baby is more than enough to loosen up a clog. Next time use a hot compress for 20 minutes before nursing and do this every nursing session until the clog comes undone. Another thing I’ve tried and have been successful with is doing a hot compress and laying the baby on the floor, then nurse the baby while on your hands and knees above the baby. This will let gravity help with the clog. She can also pump in any of these positions to help with a clog.

Kind of weird, but if your wife has a vibrator, have her stand in a hot shower and use the vibrator to n the spot with the clog for 5-10 minutes and do that before a nursing session. I’ve had that work almost instantly before.

  • A mom who gets a clogged duct at least once every 2 weeks.
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