AITA for not doing my boyfriend a favor because it's "women work"?

I think everyone here is being dramatic and assuming a lot of stuff. I hate taking the trash and doing dishes so I’m exchange i tend to cook most meals . I also enjoy cooking so I like to take care of that aspect of my and my partners life , but when my partner asks me to make a certain food it’s not because I’m a woman, it’s because I like to do the cooking and he does not (even though he’s great at it). I just think if you are dating a person and don’t know them well enough deep down inside to have doubts about their motives for asking for a small favor then you shouldn’t be with that person instead of making that person out to be bad. It’s easier for you if you see them as a bad person rather then a person who wants different things than you in life, but doesn’t mean it’s true.

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