AITA for not wanting my dad to be with us on vacation?

Going qgainst the grain here, but ESH. My father is very similiar. He is an extrovert, my sis and I are introverts. Mom is kinda both. The constant chattering, asking about all kind of stuff, expecting company when he does anything... and you have to be happy and cheerful about everything. No chance to be alone with your thoughts or to just eat, not talk.

You suck majorly for your comment though. He is your father, and doesn't deserve to be made to cry by you. He probably just thought that you were all being teenagers when you were grumpy, not that your relationship had deteriorated. It was just very unkind of you to say this.

Beofre someone says that my piint of view comes from being a teenager: it started when I was 12, and I am 22 now. I've luckily left the teenage years behind me, and it didn't change anything.

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