AITA for refusing to sign a prenup?

NTA dude. She wants her money and half of yours too.

It seems like people aren’t understanding how having rental properties work. Even if she quits her job, she is still generating income from those properties. The properties themselves may not be marital assets, but the income, according to her own plan, should be. If she is generating income from multiple properties, that income needs to be shared household income after a child regardless of who owns the physical property and the equity in it.

She wants to split everything 50/50 before, but then her saving will grow substantially after a child while yours won’t because all of your money will go to your family. That is not at all fair or even.

If she wants a prenup, sure. Nothing wrong with it. But to be fair, it should be either (a) everything is always 50-50. She uses her rental income once she has a baby to provide her share. Her previous assets remain untouched and everything moving forward is kept separate. Or (b) everything is 50-50 before a child. After, everything including the income generated from her properties becomes shared household income. If you divorce, she leaves with her assets. Any joint assets are divided 50-50 at that point because she has actually contributed to those joint assets.

The way it’s set up now, she’s leave with what she has PLUS half of everything you have, leaving you with basically nothing. Get your own lawyer and protect your interests. These people just see you as a gold digger, but as someone who actually works with assets, that’s not what I’m seeing. I’m seeing that she wants to benefit more than you from your divorce AND keep everything she has. It doesn’t work that way.

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