AITA for telling my sister that she's uneducated and can't keep using her anxiety as an excuse?

You are NTA dude these people are ridiculous. Anxiety isn't a good enough reason to not be able to become independent. Reddit people will say it is yet not a single one of them will admit how detrimental it is for her to not get a job or be able to support herself. What's worse not being able to feed yourself and pay rent or anxiety? I'll tell you this it's not the anxiety. They are saying YTA to pretend to be good people. They aren't good people because not a single one of them will be there to help your sister financially when she can't support herself because of her anxiety. It's all just virtue signaling. They would rather sound like good people and push your sister into a life of not being able to take care of herself then giving her a little tough love.

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