AITA Monthly Open Forum December 2021

AITA for not liking this Secret Santa gift I got. Backstory:Our theater troupe was having a secret Santa and me and the same person got each other.(We did not know this at the time) Story:So the person I got is so into movies they started a movie club. I decided to get them a movie themed board blockbuster board game. And today we had our secret Santa and he seemed to like the game. After all the presents where handed out and I didn’t have one. He said that it was coming and he had just forgot about it. So 35 minutes later after everyone left he hands me a book called 101 wacky jokes for kids and say “maybe you will find a joke to be funny”. Now it’s known I’m not the funniest person and some of my jokes don’t make sense so that’s why he got it. But honestly I just felt humiliated. I was talking to some friend’s and they said I should just be happy and laugh it off but I think it was really mean. Also the book was defiantly something he had lying around at his house because it was old and he has brought it in before. AITA for not appreciating the gift and should I say something to him about how it made me feel.

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