Alcoholism in the work place.

2 days w out a drink. The thought of going out for Saint Patty’s wasn’t a temptation.

Truth is I’ve done the sober thing a lot. And by that I mean going on benders. Going through w draws. DTs. Getting past it. Getting a little clean time. Going back and forth between total abstinence, periods of sane responsible drinking, and complete self destruction. Fortunately I’m not too physically dependent. No withdrawals. I’m fine.

I appreciate all the kind words and advice. I plan on doing some total abstinence to self reflect and see where that takes me. I’ve been in some dark places and where I’m at now is much better then I was before. At least that’s how I feel.

2 years ago I was committed to the local mental institution 3 times in 6 months. Lost my career. Relationship. Son. Got a dui. Yea I still slip up. But I have a-lot to be grateful for. I used to wanna die every day. Shot a hole through my best friend’s wall trying to end it.

Things get better if you try and want it. And if you read this far I hope it helped at least someone’s day, giving them some type of inspiration that in time things can change for the better. Life’s a journey meant to enjoy the ride.

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