Does the time you arrive effect the rotation and cuts?

Where I work, we are chronically short-staffed. We open for lunch, close, and then for dinner. I work evenings, but pick up at least two day shifts a week for extra hours. The same is true for several lunch girls. They pick up extra dinner shifts for more hours, or because there's not enough servers for the weekends. There aren't any cuts on lunch shift because it's a short shift. On nights it's different. If you're on a split, you get to leave early, assuming it isn't too busy. Some nights nobody is cut because nobody is on a split. Some girls who don't work splits think it's unfair, and I really do get it. But I also didn't make the rules, and the entire purpose of the cuts are to prevent over-time. Not to let us go home because management thinks we worked so hard and deserve it. Hopefully, additional cuts will be available to those not on splits once we get some more help.

We have a set rotation. All of our names are listed in a monthly calendar. Each day of the week has a different rotation, and changes weekly. Assume there's 3 servers, their names are X, Y, Z and it's Monday. For this Monday, X goes first, then Y, then Z. The NEXT Monday, Z is first, X is second, and Y goes last. The third Monday, Y is first, Z is second, X is last. The week after that we're back to where we started. And each day of the week is on a different rotation. That way no one can say someone else is always first, or they're always last. It sounds more complicated than it is. None of us have it memorized. We just check the book everyday.

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