Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Asks Why Americans Will Fund Space Force, But Won't Back Health Care For All

Space exploration is pretty cool and is something that people should be for. I’m observing that she questions tax dollars for that but will not question why billions of tax dollars actively being spent both directly and indirectly, to suppress working class wages and radically transform, overwhelm electorates, and overpopulate many areas across the US.

To discuss a furthered welfare state with free unlimited healthcare should raise the question of whether that is a sustainable goal under current circumstances. Is it feasible long term to provide this service to anybody while accepting a compounding increase of millions of people that incur a net loss while contributing next to nothing in tax value? Much less, can this even provide decent healthcare while not limiting health care options? How will this remain sustainable when social security is clearly going to fall apart?

Trying to criticize space exploration and defense is a fair enough point, but should the question not also be applied to other massive spending aspects such as those that are directly impacting the average working class person’s ability to live a comfortable life?

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