Almost no one came to my bf's birthday party. Is there anything I can do to make him feel better?

It's a birthday party, not a wedding. The universe doesn't revolve around you and your special little day. That's a toddler's mindset, not a grown adult.

There is a massive difference between blowing off a wedding RSVP, and not making it to one of the fifty Facebook events you get invitations to in a week. Hate to break the news, but your birthday is not all that special or unique.

If I organized a birthday party for myself (which I don't because it strikes me as just a tad narcissistic), and 8 out of 20 people who tapped "yes" with their thumb while taking a shit in between rounds of candy crush showed up, I'd be grateful and wouldn't really care about the ones that didn't. I sure as hell wouldn't feel the need to "call them out" for having lives of their own, or different priorities than making me the center of attention for the day.

8/20 "kinda" showed up? Some of these people had work that day, and came over after work despite the fact they probably wanted to get home to their own lives and families. If I made it to your house after a long ass day at work to wish you a happy birthday, and you said I just "kinda" showed up I'd be insulted. That is some childish shit. I have work and bills dude, get over yourself.

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