So I am really scared of being a Stocker. Can anyone give me some help?

Hey, to be honest, you're going to fuck up. That's just part of life and how you grow. Don't let it stop you from going through with the application.

To preface, overnight stocking at Walmart is the only proper job I've had in my life. I started 8 months ago not knowing a single thing about anything, and sucked pretty bad. Like you, socializing hasn't ever been my strong suit. But, I put on my best "oh haha yeah I'm doing great" face and just kept coming back to work each night. I like to think I'm one of the better stockers on our crew, now. (I know so because I always get the big tasks each night! Yay!)

Stocking isn't hard, once you learn the basics. It sounds like you'll be on CAP2 which does a little more than just stocking (you unload the truck as a team, basically). You'll have to interact with a bit more customers, since most people shop during the day. It's mainly someone asking where X item is. Find someone helpful on your crew and go to them with all your questions. Ask questions! I see so many new people come in that never ask questions and just do what they think is right but it's actually wrong. It gets old having to go over and tell people why such and such is the wrong way, when they could have just asked.

Without making this a giant wall, feel free to PM me about anything stocking related. I'm not an expert by any means and still make mistakes/get nervous when I'm asked to do something I haven't done before, but I think I got the basics down, at least.

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