Anger issues.

When I quit drinking I went through all stages of grief. I allowed myself to feel and work through these feelings because they are feelings that often drove me to drink in the first place. I needed to relearn how to deal with these common life challenges (happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, lows, highs etc.) so I didn't turn back to the bottle. Dealing with these emotions were a normal part of my journey to sustaining sobriety and today I realize how important it was that I learn how to control myself. I too dealt with a significant amount of anger (still do at times) and when it started to affect my job I sought the help from a social worker. I saw her about 6 times and during those sessions she helped me understand why I was feeling so angry (and anxious) and she taught me about cognitive behavioral therapy and gave me different ways to think about things and look at challenging situations. I was a drunk for over 10 years, I started in my early 20's and crawled out of the tank in mid 30's so let's just say although I was a middle-aged woman, I didn't know how to act and react like one. Heck I didn't even know how to act like a normal human, which was a big factor with the anxiety. I'm still learning but I can see where I went wrong and I can now control my emotions and work through them in productive way. I have a sticky note on my desk that says "You don't have to show up to every fight you're invited too" In times when I'm finding myself in a whirlwind of anger and blowing fire I must make a conscious decision to acknowledge why I'm feeling this way, take a deep breath and I don't react when I'm feeling this way (this was hard but very important for me). I will often write down my feelings, seems to help because it puts it somewhere (and not on someone else). I try to express myself more, especially to my husband. When he knows I'm feeling off he knows to give me some slack and not to take things as personally. I try to keep him out of it, even if my anger seems to involve him. I wait until I'm calm and if it's still bothering me I talk about it. If you feel you are missing out by not drinking, you might continue to struggle with these troubling emotions. My anger eventually subsided and love did replace it. Love for myself, love for life and love for everyone in my life. Congratulations on your 30 days that's awesome. Sorry for the long rambling message, it gets better just give it some time. Good luck.

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