Do any of you, especially the guys, feel you have to always be more cautious as to not come off as "creepy"?

i'm more like 'i kind of want a steak', then i meet someone i like and i'm like 'damn i really want the steak, like that particular steak' so then i talk to the girl like 'yeah i kinda want the steak, oh, i can't have it? alright, that's cool i guess" then i get home and i'm like "damn it really sucks that i couldnt get the steak" then i try to convince myself that that i can still get the steak just so i can fall asleep at night to fantasies of the steak until i forget about that steak in like 3-4 weeks and then i'm back to "i kind of want a steak but i don't really want that particular steak i obsessed over for 4 weeks anymore" until i meet another girl thats nice to me and the cycle repeats.

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