Any love for laptop gaming stations?

.... Yes "they" Ford does indeed maje 4 cylinder Mustangs. Clearly you did not read the message and are upset that you got an answer not to your liking. Hilariously laptops do just that, suit my needs. Again in the point I clearly made about not liking things that arent to their functional intention. To conclude whether they do or not suit the needs of some was never an argument you made. You asked about any love for your setup. I answered. Sorry not a fan of adding extra keyboard and mice to systems to force them to be something they arent, better yet I have done it and it sucked. So unlike most and especialy those in here I actually have experience with the annoyances and meek likeness to pc gaming screwing with a gaming laptop is. So downvotes away, sadly and triumphantly thats about all you got. :)

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