How screwed am I for landing a job with a criminal record (a couple misdemeanor drug related charges/DUI)?

Is the DUI a felony or misdemeanor? I think you’ll be fine if it fits in the misdemeanor bucket. corporates don’t ask about felonies and large corporates with offices in undesirable towns are always looking to hire bc they can’t get people to stay there so Gpa past a 3.0 is always kosher.

Let’s say it is a felony, a lot of corporates only ask about violent ones and you’ll still be good. Worst case, you have to disclose and hopefully they’re understanding because a lot of people fall on hard times, even fewer pull themselves like you did.

IIRC, my bb only asked about violent felonies and misdemeanors. They took a fingerprint background test, as is required by FINRA. Corporates are even more lenient bc they’re less regulated but I think most any where will fingerprint

Congrats on almost one year sober!

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