Anybody get asked for feedback?

I just asked if anyone else got the pop-up not am I the only person ever to get the pop-up.

Obviously other people have gotten the pop up and if you have to ask yourself a question starting with "am i the only one" then the answer is always no

You know, this post could’ve led to a conversation with someone else and potentially made a friendship. But you just never see the positive sides of things I guess.

This post was a low quality post so it broke rule 9 and if you want to find friends then there are subreddits dedicated to that

Please never get into a relationship or have kids and put your depressing and negative attitudes on them.

Oh no my kids will actually be educated instead of asking stupid questions like you are

Learn some empathy soon for the sake of your own happiness dude.

I have empathy but not for idiots like you

Do yourself a favour and don’t even bother replying to this.

Too late already replied to it

Go do something fun or fix your attitude. Once again, not for me, but for yourself.

I am doing something fun already lol do you think that people can only be doing one thing at a time and it is hilarious how you think you know me from a website

You may want to stop with the holier than thou attitude because it isn't a good look at all

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