Anyone else feel when interacting with a normal family you wish it was your own?

This comment really hit hard. I sincerely am so happy for you /u/LittleEmmy, anyone coming from the kind of stuff us in this sub has deserves what you have and more! Enjoy every little bit sweetie!

But what bums me out is that, coming from a family with an Nmom and either an Ndad or just a totally abusive asshole dad, I longed to be married into a normal loving family. When I met what was then my boyfriend's family they seemed so amazingly loving and sweet and showed me care and affection, maybe not a ton but I wasn't used to any so I was like a hungry dog, so grateful and ready to please. But it was not to be, I am still married almost ten years to my husband who is amazing and everything I wanted in a guy, but his family turned super quick. Like as soon as they knew we were getting married.

I am pretty sure it is because we had a long distance thing and he came to live in my state instead of the other way around. They act like I stole him, like I hit him over the head and dragged him along. He was six years older than me, I was 24 and he had actually pushed marriage knowing I wasn't going to leave my home state. His dad is okay and his mom was okay too, they are good people who were (his mom passed) just super emotionally dependent on their son it turned out, so I could have dealt with that better if it wasn't for his siblings. They went out to get me. His sisters are insane, one is an alcoholic and lo and behold the oldest is an N! An N who creepily told me I stole her brother from her (keep in mind she is 14 years older than him). His brother and brother's wife are just jerks and have made my life so fucking hard. I feel stupid for thinking I was going to have sisters and a real loving family. Whats worse is that for about 6 years of the marriage I tried so hard, immediately forgave them for insane things they did to me or to make me look bad in the family, I thought I could fix it with love and understanding. Then one day I woke the fuck up and realized that I was the scapegoat and nothing would change that, I also used to regret having him move but now I realize they would've ruined us (it isn't really about him leaving, they are crazy and just plain mean and before me they took it out on each other).

Oh well, I have a lovely daughter and with her and my husband I am creating the loving family I always dreamed of. Though as much as I can provide for my daughter to have the family she deserves, it is all I can do to ease the pain that I guess we will always live with of wishing that I had that, an "adult" to go to with questions or problems or just some sort of parental figure that loved and cared for me.

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