Anyone reinvent their life and career at age 27?

I am 32 now. And I took a lot of shit growing through my adoloscence. I was a high achiever in India, and for my abilities I was on national TV twice by the time I was 12 years old. Shit happened afterwards, the next 12 to 15 years were an absolute freefall. I did Bachelors and worked for companies but they were not really 10% as rewarding and my personal life was a mess. I was exactly your age when I was admitted to a Masters program in Europe. For a brown skinned Hindu guy who was never out of his country and was spending two years out there, it was amazing life experience. I forged lifelong friendships, had a seriously stronger friend and social network than I had in native India. I came back 2 years ago and now work for a super niche firm that works for several governments in India, and thats a big dea really. The money isn't the greatest so to supplement my income, I do equities and options trading as a part-timer on the side and on almost a daily basis. That provides me with extra income which straight away goes into my future savings fund. I am not exactly a big spender. I invested in a lightning fast laptop pc and am still learning skills to put myself ahead of the race.

The climb is hard but if done right it can take you places. It is a hard grind and mind you it can get lonely at times. But hey, its worth it at the end of the day. And yes STEM is the shit if you want to do something and so is the world of high finance. You can be independent of anyone and just do your stuff. I like the independence that comes with it.

PS: I had a bunch of random jobs but all were centred in academia and research. And I am proud to call myself a geek and give 0 fucks to anyone!

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