Are you afraid of having another baby? I am.

Hats off to you for pumping. If breastfeeding hadn't worked out I don't think I'd have the patience or energy to pump exclusively. We did want more kids. I'd only ever planned on two, I think only children are weird (the ones I knew were) and in California for the most part two seems to be the acceptable number. My dad asked me after a 50 hour induction, 3.75 hours of pushing, vacuum and 3rd degree tear if I was having another and within an hour of birth I said yes. He was a super easy baby and is still a relatively easy 3 year old (minus potty training and eating). When he was 6 months old we stopped using condoms. Got 1 period then got pregnant again when he was 10 months old. Everything was easier this pregnancy (minus my 3 weeks of morning sickness, it's harder when you're nursing and it makes you quesier and bending over to carry a crawler all the time). I gained literally twice as much weight (didn't have gestational diabetes so I ate everything and gained 46 lbs instead of 23,and on 5'2" frame I was huge). Easier labor. Less tearing. Demon baby. Clingy baby. Terror of a toddler. She has been difficult from day 1. Stopped preventing for #3 when she was 5 months old. Didn't get any period and got pregnant when she was 7-8 months old. Breastfeeding sucked while pregnant this time since I lost my milk this pregnancy and I needed to take a pill that made me so so tired to keep production up. Kicked pregnancy's ass this time. Gained 22lbs I think. Was the smallest during this pregnancy, walked the most (pushing a double stroller with a 2.5 year old and a 1.5 year old while 7 months pregnant is a workout). Labor was easier, however back to back pregnancies takes its toll and I hemmoraged. She's a chill baby. She's like the 1st. We'll be trying for fourth and final here in a couple months (she's 10 months old now but I don't want a winter baby again). I just love them so much can't imagine life without them. Even though the terror 2 year old pooped in her diaper, took it off then played with it/ground it into the carpet while the 10 month helped I can't help but feel we have one more left. Hoping it's a boy to balance out 1 boy 2 girls. For me the 18.5 month gap was so much easier than the 16.5 month gap. Less milk issues the older they are the less help they need. Apparently to prevent some complications like hemorrhaging I was told waiting until after their first birthday (and ideally after they are 18 months) to start ttc.

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