Are groceries taking up your whole budget too?

Isn’t partner and I buy huge bags of rice and beans. They’re dirt cheap. We also try to watch for sales and pick out veggies/cuts of meat (hardly since they’re all expensive)that are cheaper. I feel like a conspiracy theorist saying this but it’s almost as if they planned for this so lower and middle class families rely more on Bezos and GMO foods. If you can afford building a greenhouse for year round veggies/fruit- I recommend it. That’s what we’re I’m planning on doing because I have a feeling it’s going to keep getting worse. Yes the cost upfront isn’t cheap but it’ll pay in the long run. Also- partner and I only keep our room heated and wear layers of clothes around the house/ keep the heater turned off. Slightly inconvenient but the money we’re saving is a weight off our shoulders.

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