"Are we shaming women now for wanting to control their bodies?" r/ChildFree discusses the recent news that comedian John Mulaney is expecting a child with new girlfriend Olivia Munn

Whew, lot to unpack here. First and foremost, I can absolutely guarantee you have changed your opinion/started to care about something only after it started affecting you. You can deny it all you want, and empathy is a great trait, but it’s human nature to care about things once they affect us firsthand. Secondly, at least he changed his opinions. Ever heard of white saviour complex? It’s totally a possibility to be married/related to a minority and still be racist. Third, according to you, people should be immutable over time and never shift their opinion on things I guess? You sound like a science denier with that one. And finally, I repeat myself from further up- the people he is making fun of DESERVE every bit of ridicule thrown their way. White feminism is bullshit. Support all women, including women of color, transgender women, every woman. You sound like an absolute blast of a person. Saintly as Jesus Christ I guess.

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