Why aren’t the men in my life getting angry with me?

In my experience I would guess that you may be misunderstanding their reactions. Most men don't "get angry" over some overarching political flavor of the week. For those who've lived long enough, there's a realization that "this too shall pass," This particular topic is one that people like yourself have been getting angry about for decades if not longer in modern history... most men are simple enough that they won't be showing any anger until it hits closer to home, merely because it's exhausting to be "angry" for so long, so often.

This particular social debate is one that baffles me to no end, and is the bane of the political right...I can't fathom how when they gain more support or power, instead of doing something useful with it, they fall back on this... how can those for more liberty at every step of the way turn around and justify literally taking liberty away from half the population in the same stroke?

I for one fully understand the serious problem, but I'm not "angry" because I realize that the louder I yell, the more justification it provides them as a demonstration of why they're correct in their beliefs, from their perspective. There's no arguing with the radical religious right about religion, just like there's no arguing with the radical marxist left about the benefits of marxist stalinism...If you want to wrestle change away from these people, you have to demonstrate that will to change things, not kick and scream about it. With men, action in the form of quiet but deadly movement is the most respectable thing you can accomplish. Run for office, organize like minded people, work to put people in office that think like you but don't tear everything down around you while they're at it, etc. Most men won't tell you how powerless they feel trying to do all that while simultaneously supporting a family in a system that makes them already feel powerless to just get by as it is. But then again, a lot of men who are driven and have it together often aren't the least bit concerned about specific political plight because they see how fickle it is: this years it's bitching about this, next year it's that,next week it's fixed and it's something else, then it's back again...one can spend all their energy and effort and drive on bitching and moaning about it, doing something about it, or focusing on their own needs in the moment and waiting for this to pass like it always does.

The political right and left both have this tendency to grossly exaggerate everything. It's "literally the end of the world" in every single issue they fight for. Then the sensationalism starts in the news media with half truths, outright lies, and partial information just enough to incite you to the call to action for whatever political agenda their management wants you to be ok with, while the fact of the matter is, most people don't truly understand what's actually going on, what's actually going to stick, and what's accurately just a bunch of who-ha before and election to get everyone riled up to vote one way then POOF, it all just goes away like covid19.

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