ARM tells staff to stop all work with Huawei

It would not be as hard as you think to steal semiconductor designs, slightly edit them, and then release then as your own Chinese IC chip, to get around other countries patent laws.

I probably shouldn't be saying this, but I've personally been asked to test chips intercepted from China and Africa by US Gov for IP theft, and they were clearly IP theft when compared to the chips they were copied from. Impossible similarities. I've seen it with my own eyes, and verified it myself. You can't just make a 20GHz PA with SPAR curves that fit almost perfectly on top of the chip it copies. Same S11? Same S22? Same S12? Same S21 shape but offset by 2dB because China sucks at copying? All of these combined make it crystal clear this was a copied chip using a different fab/fab process.

China is 100% stealing and I don't know why you're saying they aren't. You are wrong.

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