Artifact, Valve's fantasy card game, will be out in November

There is an argument to be made for Artifact's payment model, which is just the same as MTG's. In Hearthstone or even MTG Arena, there is no trading so the only way to update a deck to the new meta is to pay an exorbitant amount for boosters or grind endlessly. In the MTG/Artifact system one would be able to trade and buy individual cards.

Going from MTG's market, the cost of a new Standard tournament deck when you buy the cards individually is less than the cost of buying enough Booster packs to be able to have all the cards needed.

Also based on the cost of the base game, tournament decks should be a fraction of the cost of MTG's because stater decks and boosters seem to be much cheaper. Artifact will be more expensive than a free to play CCG, but given than most people have to pay to create an optimal deck, it could be much cheaper than paying to keep up with Hearthstone.

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