Barry's Bootcamp?

I'm super late to this thread but wanted to chime in. I've done over 80 Barry's classes over the last several years including a 16 classes in 30 days challenge a year or two ago, which I did complete. I guess they upped it to 19 this time around? I really like the Barry's workout and I have tried out a bunch (Rumble, Orange Theory, Soul Cycle, and a lot of others) I think it's a great balance of strength, cardio, and fun. For the last year or so, I have switched to more of a strength based workout - more barbell lifts with heavier weights and fewer reps, compared to the lighter weight, higher rep workouts at Barrys. But I still enjoy going to Barry's a couple times a month to switch things up. Still one of my favorite group workout classes, especially if you find an instructor you like.

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