Exercises to reduce waist size and thigh fat?

Just to clear some things up because I’m being downvoted, probably because my title and post are poorly worded and that’s my bad. I don’t care about karma I just want to make sure this post isn’t being taken in the wrong direction.

I have never (fortunately) suffered with an eating disorder or body dysmorphia. I do not intend to lose weight and if toning up areas mean I gain muscle and therefore weight, that’s great! I have no problem with that.

I have a good relationship with food and do not skip meals. I had a health check recently where I was told I am in the healthy weight range for my stature and height. I have always been petite.

My goal is to TONE my thighs and waist/stomach, although I appreciate that my title and post don’t reflect that amazingly. I do store fat in these areas, maybe that is just how it will always be which is fine because it’s my body and keeps me alive :) I was just looking for some advice for how to refine these parts of my body.

If anyone feels as if this post is promoting anything else other than a healthy and physically strong and fit outcome, then I hope the above clears that up.

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