I believe that Faceit/ESEA should require you to play with a mic | Change my mind.

In order to have that decent team play you'll need to communicate.

Is that always true? No, because you can still have a PUG team with zero comms beat a team with voice comms. I've been in several ones.

If communication is required, it's going to be hard to prove it. It's very subjective. I've been in PUGs with too much comms (kinda like old c9 on adderall). How much is enough? What about the quality of comms? Or just having your own voice and saying something remotley related to the game is enough?

PUGs are not league matches. People will always have an option to q with 5 people with MICs. But the idea of imposing into forcing people to talk in PUGs is ridiculous. I can have a mic and choose not to talk. Pretty sure 1st amendment also covers that. Also, why most sound leagues dont enforce this when they run this by their lawyer. Lawsuits waiting to happen especially if PUGs also reward prizes.

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