Best Friend Won't Stop Humble Bragging

I hate humblebragging SO much but it seems a little worrying this is upsetting your self esteem if your happily engaged

I’m a massive attention whore and thrive off male attention so I know how you feel, but I’m also into open relationships and wouldn’t get engaged and I know I’d miss the attention too much.

It just doesn’t seem compatible to be monogamous and also desire attention from random men? Maybe your not ready for marriage. I could be way off here though so take that with a pinch of salt

Also as a side note, sex positive women like your friend are subjected to so much vitriol and violence. Being honest about sex positivity and casual sex is extremely brave and risky, so I’d be careful not to put her down over it, especially if she also suffers for low self esteem. It’s completely understandable that you wouldn’t want to talk about it though, so maybe your both suited better to different friends

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